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A new power generation.

Tom and Robbert

Tom and Robbert

Tom Pollyn, General Manager and founder, has over 10 years of experience in developing, installing and operating commercial and industrial solar systems. He developed over 50 MWp of solar projects in the Benelux, France, Portugal and India. Before finding his mission within the PV market, he had various sales management roles at DHL and in telecommunications. Tom holds a master in Economics.

Robbert Van Boxelaere is the Technical Manager. He started his career as an Environmental Consultant at E&Y, and went from sales engineering for a solar power integrator, to be the technical asset manager for a real estate group’s solar portfolio of 50 MWp. In this last role, he developed 28 MW of solar projects across Europe and developed the energy efficiency program and sustainability report, which received the Gold Award from the European Public Real Estate Association. He holds a master in Environmental Sciences from the University of Tasmania and the University of Antwerp.

Angel Verdu is the manager for the Iberian subsidiary of Menapy. Angel has been in the energy sector for more than fifteen years, managing change and innovation and leveraging the power of technology to disrupt the energy sector at an international scale. Prior to Menapy, Angel spent five years front-lining a tech start-up aiming to bring energy and asset management one step beyond viaI nternet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Angel can look back at ten years of experience in international energy and sustainability consultancy on a global scale out of Spain and the UK. Angel holds a Masters Degree in Industrial and Energy Engineering.

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We are on a mission.

We are clan of impact investors and solar veterans. Our company name is derived from an ancient tribe that lived in the north of what is now Belgium. They were called Menapii and fought for their independence from the Roman Empire. Today, we fight for independency from fossil fuels.

Out of our HQ near Brussels, Belgium, we liaise with partners on a global scale. We go wherever our customers want us to go. 

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