Green Steps

Green steps in the process


1 Remote site assessment: data collection & financial simulation. 


2 Solar PPA offer. Optional: energy efficiency measures.


3 Signing of frame agreement, enabling feasibility studies.


4 PPA or system rental contract if all studies are positive.


5 Engineering, financing, insurance, permits and system ordering.


6 Turnkey installation + maintenance + CO2 reporting.


7 Hand-over or lifting of the system (O&M may continue).


Frequently Asked Questions  


Is my roof strong enough? 

A stability study is part of the technical studies that are done once a frame agreement is concluded. When a roof cannot take the extra load and reinforcement is not possible, we may consider a ground-mount system or carport. Whatever the case, there will be no cost for you.

What is the expected lifetime of the material?

A PV system consists of many integrated parts. The main components are modules, inverters, mounting frame and cables. Modules have an expected lifetime of 30 to 40 years, with a material guarantee over 10 years and performance guarantees up to 25 years. We would expect to replace the inverters at least once within the first 20 years. Cables typically enjoy a 20-year guarantee. After the 20 years, the system is expected to produce at least 80% of the first years' production, and more than 90% of all material is recyclable.

Maintenance and insurance?

Menapy takes care of all maintenance and insurance of the system. This consists of preventive and corrective interventions and monitoring with performance reporting. It is in our mutual interest to produce as much clean power as possible, in a safe way.

Do solar modules need cleaning?

This depends on the region and the exact location. In dusty areas with long dry periods, we foresee a regular cleaning. This is part of the preventive maintenance we do.

What if there is a surplus of solar power? 

Depending on the country and the specific infrastructure, a surplus of solar power will be either avoided, stored in batteries, sold to the grid, or freely injected into the grid to support local communities.

Will I become independent from the grid?

No, unless you absolutely want to be so. From a technical and economical perspective, it is better to stay on-grid. Storage is still too expensive to ensure enough (industrial) power when there is no sunshine.

Grid + diesel + solar?

That is perfectly possible. This will not only make you save a lot of money, it will also extend the lifetime of your diesel gensets, since the solar power will shave off your genset peak demand.

What if roof works are needed?

This is agreed when an agreement guaranteeing our use of your space to safely operate the system is signed. Our solar operation should not hinder any future roof works, but a loss of power production and the cost of dismantling and re-installing would of course need to be compensated. We can include a preventive roof repair before installation, or even a full roof refurbishment in our solution if needed.

Is the solar price a fixed price? 

In general, the cost for solar power gives you a hedge against grid power, since the solar power price is linked to the general inflation of your country, and not to the general cost of energy. In some countries this is different, e.g. when we depend on (fluctuating) subsidy schemes.

What happens after the PPA term? 

By default, the system automatically becomes yours and you have complete freedom to choose your own maintenance and insurance provider. There are other options such as: Menapy continuing to provide maintenance and insurance after the PPA, extension of the PPA period, an option to purchase the system earlier, or automatic dismantling at the end of the term.

What if we want to step out earlier? 

You can always step out of the agreement earlier but the depreciated value of the system and the actualized cash flows from the green power will need to be compensated. If your building is to be demolished, we may consider installing it on another roof or land.



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