Corporate Solar Power Purchase Agreements.  

Sustainability without capital investment: at Menapy, we develop, finance, build and operate industrial solar power plants for multinational companies. These systems provide carefree, on-site sustainable energy generation, giving corporations a direct reduction of their carbon footprint, and a saving on their electricity costs. In other words: Solar as a Service, generating clean and reliable power.  

Multinational, including emerging markets.

We think global and act local, through international cooperations with best-in-class technical partners. We go wherever our customers want us to go, with special attention to the European continent and emerging markets. Together, we activate rooftop, carport and land space. Given the right local potential, we can add wind power or storage solutions.

Energy efficiency services.

Let us screen your plant. A high-level analysis, based on our vast experience, showing you the main quick wins. We will install the necessary metering in case data is missing to make this report. Short and direct, and independent from our other services.


Give that boost to your sustainability.

Let us help you.